Twenty-year-old Nikita and her twin brother, Elian, are on the cusp of their lives; although, they don’t have an honorable job. Both smuggle ale and exotic animals into Queen Alana’s fierce kingdom.  But when Elian proposes to sell a golden spider to a local Mage, Nikita is unsure if she should give away her […]

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Chapter Five!

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five The redhead—whatever Baak said his name was—didn’t bother to even say ‘hello.’ He clutched Eliza’s forearm and forced her to jog at his pace. Don’t let him cower you, she thought as she stumbled at his mercy, unaware of where he led her, or of […]

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Chapter Four!

Aliens; stupid, fucking aliens had abducted her, not the typical big headed, little green men movies showed. No, no. These were tall as hell, human wannabees dressed in tight, green suits. They walked in groups of three past this crappy, closet-sized, cell they had locked her up in. Some aliens stopped, looked at her, logged […]

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Star Stuff

I need to collide, collide with someone just like me, unique, abundant, tasteless, colorless, before the universe runs out of light. And if it does, who will embrace my art, when each collision is a brushstroke and the universe my canvas? I need to collide.  Yours truly, Hydrogen  

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I killed the darlings :(

  Revising; kill the darlings. You know, those amazing lines I wrote and took pride in but no one else cares. Yeah, those. They add nothing to my story, but I love them so, so much I want them to be there, even if they’re out of character, or whatever.  These are the scenes, phrases, […]

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Chapter Three!

“The human is in High Orbit Station,” Damkina’s voice came on over the radio of Anzu’s craft. “Baak will begin testing any time soon. Avoid any type of unnecessary conversation with him.” “Yes, ma’am.” The engines burst on full throttle, and the spacecraft reached escape velocity. Once in outer space, Anzu punched in the coordinates […]

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