An Unfinished Story

Before writing  The Universe Between Us, I wrote a few stories I didn’t finish . One day, perhaps, I might consider revamping them. Here’s one I found in my desktop’s recycle bin, raw and completely unedited.

An Epic Fantasy:


Across the Sea of Hope, beyond the Mountains of Lamak, and through the Tunnels of Ice, lay the Heart of Power, a real blood pumping heart, but one with the power, if ripped out, to transport Queen Alana into the Realm of the Great. This magical instrument besought her from afar, but she couldn’t risk her army when ANTAGONIST  had besieged her kingdom.

She lay two maps of her world, X, on her wooden table and stabbed a knife to hold it still. Then she eyed General Y and Commander Z. “What route must we take?” 

“My Queen,” General Y said, his hand on his hip, eyes on the map. “We don’t have enough soldiers.”

“I said, which route?” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. For the first time in history, her kingdom’s PROTECTIVE ARTIFACT had been torn apart. If Alana didn’t risk the only men and women she had left, along with the riches at her disposal, her people would all become ash, and her kingdom would be handed to the ANTAGONIST, never to see the light again.

Commander Z cleared her throat. “If you allow me, my Queen, we must prepare our fittest ships and set sail from here.” She pointed at a destroyed port, a couple of miles west from the capital. “But, either way, we will have to lay siege on the pirates.”



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